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Our mission

MDR Security helps its clients to solve their most complex problems at the intersection of business and technology. We combine deep technical expertise in cyber, digital and data with understanding of your business context. This means we can work with you to find the right solutions that will deliver meaningful benefit to your organisation.

Helping government engage better with industry

We have a range of technical, commercial and delivery experience in government-industry partnerships, with consultants who have held senior leadership roles in the public service as well as in industry. This allows us to work with government organisations and agencies throughout the capability lifecycles, from developing and implementing their technology strategies through planning and leading industry engagement, to successful project delivery and sustainment.


Cybersecurity, networking and telecommunications experts

We have deep expertise in understanding cybersecurity through bringing together the business and technical aspects. We can help you to manage your overall risk, and also to navigate the complex regulatory environment. Our technical expertise includes understanding and implementing the range of current and emerging telecoms, networking and related technologies. We have also worked with telecommunications companies of all sizes around the globe. Talk to us about how you can put in place effective solutions that reduce your risk and exposure, whilst minimising cost and other business impacts.


Business advisory services

Our background is in establishing, growing and transforming commercial businesses in the cyber, intelligence and security market, primarily focussed on supplying to government clients. Whatever stage your business is at, come and talk to us about how we can take you to the next level.

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