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For Government organisations and agencies

We have over 20 years experience working in this sector, across the full range of technical and business domains, and all stages of the project lifecycle. Our main service areas are below, but if you have other specific requirements please feel free to get in touch and see if we can help. We take on tasks of all sizes, whether you are looking for one day of expert input or long term ongoing projects, and can work on a fixed fee or day rate basis – whatever best suits your needs



We can help in understanding the external trends and drivers, and how develop or adapt your technical strategy and your enterprise strategy accordingly. This can range from assessing the incremental impact of technological evolution through to full scale business transformation programmes.


In today’s world technology is changing at an ever increasing pace. Regulations and policy struggle to keep up; yet these can have a vital impact on your activities on how you work co-operatively with key partners that may be vital to your operations. Whether you are ahead of the curve and looking at the impact of potential changes, or understanding how to implement the latest updates, we may be able to assist.

Team Talk


We believe that effective collaboration and partnerships between government and industry are a key ingredient in improving the security of the nation. Leveraging our private sector experience in this market, we can help you to plan and implement effective industry engagements. This can range from market surveys and defining the strategies for engagement through to planning and executing approaches to market that will deliver the best outcomes for your organisation


We have a range of technical experience and expertise across telecommunications, networking, cybersecurity and intelligence technologies. Examples include technology assessment and options definition, solution design and architecture, or review of current and future capabilities.



We have been responsible for delivering programmes and projects of all scales and levels of complexity. Whether you are looking for help in defining and planning your project, specialist expert review at key project checkpoints or ongoing assurance and governance, give us a call!

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