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Example Projects

As you might expect, we take our clients confidentiality and security very seriously, so for much of our work there is limited information we can provide. However, hopefully these examples will provide an idea of how we may be able to help

VR Headset

Project planning and industry engagement

Finding the right approach to make a real difference

Our Government client had developed an innovative concept system for data sharing across agencies. This was now starting to gain interest from multiple organisations and stakeholders, and a plan was needed for how to transition to an operational, maintainable solution and deliver the maximum benefits.

We led a series of workshops with key agencies and stakeholders to showcase the work done to date and to develop the requirements for a long term solution. From this we defined a series of work packages and led an industry engagement through a request for expressions of interest to identify suitable commercial partners. Following evaluation of the responses we delivered a business case and strategy for future development and sustainment of the solution.

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Market strategy development

The path to new sources of revenue

Our client is a successful ICT and security business. They are very well-respected but were approaching the limits of how much further they could grown with their primary customer base. The Australian Federal Government market appeared an attractive option but they were unsure of how to approach this.
We started by reviewing the current business performance and plans, and followed this with workshops with senior staff to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current business. This was combined with our understanding of the market to identify the target customers and market propositions that offered the best chance of success.

Fixing a Computer

Protecting our critical infrastructure

Cybersecurity in an era of IT-OT convergence

Today, we’re seeing an increasing convergence between the digital and the physical world. While this brings many benefits, it also brings new types of risks to be managed—a cyberattack on
an industrial control system can have consequences in the physical world, and in the context of a critical national
infrastructure provider, those physical consequences can have a potentially major impact on society.

We carried out desktop research, interviewed with key stakeholders in major Australian critical
infrastructure providers, government officials and
subject matter experts, and carried out a survey of a of critical infrastructure operators. Our work explored the maturity of approaches to IT–OT convergence and cybersecurity and developed policy recommendations for government as a result.

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